SketchUp Comedy

Also implicates iRobot

Herb: I was building your new house in the new version of sketchup, but it CARASHEDDD
Herb: Oh well
Dave: Wait.
Dave: The one with tubes?
[On the previous day, Dave and I were discussing the possibilities of constructing a house that features a system of Jefferies Tubes.]
Dave: Man.
Dave: Unfortunately, in real life, Jefferie’s tubes would be a breeding ground for Racoons.
Herb: Have you seen The Andromeda Strain?
Dave: Nay.
Dave: Only read it.
Herb: They solved their “animals in the tubes” problem. WITH LASERS.
Herb: I don’t recall if that part was in the book, or only in the movie.
Herb: But, you know.
Dave: Hmm.
Dave: Stupid racoons.
Herb: Well, you’d have to empty the carcass traps once in a while.
Dave: Naw, dude.
Dave: Racoomba.

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